Lookup Unlisted Phone Numbers - will a white pages reverse lookup save your day?

Published: 28th January 2009
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Few years ago, only private detectives could lookup unlisted phone numbers. Private detectives had to be paid some serious quantities of money. This is not true any longer. The standard terminology listed is used to describe telephone numbers which are found on phone books. Nearly 100% land lines are listed. However, quite a bit of numbers unpublished.

Whether US Cellular or T mobile or any other service, cellular telephones are not listed on phonebooks. The main reason behind this is safety of subscriber privacy. It is because you cannot find someone's cell phone number from a regular telephone directory that telemarketers have spared our mobiles. Certain people these days remove their land lines as well out of the telephone books for the same reason.

When people suspect their boy friends or girl friends fooling around with others, they can choose to perform what is known as a reverse phone lookup in order to clear the suspicions. Let's say you notice a cellular number on your boy friends or girl friends phone and you grow suspicious. First, you smell something shady regarding that particular number. Second, you notice a regular pattern with the number as it comes up on a daily basis on the monthly bill. An official telephone call would be alright, but what if it is your worst nightmare?

Can the telephone owner be found with a reverse phone lookup using the white pages? White pages by definition only has listed land telephone numbers. Therefore that fails to be of any help with regard to wireless numbers which are unlisted. Yellow pages reverse lookup would be another option that would come to the novice mind. Again this would do the job only when the numbers of interest were business related. In conclusion, neither the residential white pages nor the yellow pages will benefit you in finding unlisted telephone numbers.

In the good old days, to lookup unlisted phone numbers, one had to seek the advice of private investigators who charged extraordinary amounts of money. The communication related technological evolvements have made it possible to bypass the use of costly detectives and to get the phone owner information for a few dollars.

The legal agencies store records of all issued cellular and land line numbers in certain electronic databases inside a ton of huge computers. There are several reputed cell number finder services that will access them for you for a small payment, even though any Tom, Dick and Harry cannot. Not only will you be able to find the name of the owner of the unpublished number, but also his address and criminal records may be available for you. Find a capable service with a good reputation in order to lookup unlisted phone numbers, and you are within a couple of minutes from digging up the answers to your questions.

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